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Hardog Sniper

Hello welcome to Hardog Kennels.

We are a small HOBBY kennels located in the Southern Flinders Ranges . Hardog working bloodlines come from Australia & imported from European working blood lines.


Our dogs are hard hitting muscle machines, lightning fast, power full serious dogs. They are active, energetic,
confident, inteligent, have a high prey drive, have hard nerves, perfect grip & are man stoppers, at the same time they maintain & display a good temperament are stable & balanced.


We strive to preserve healthy balanced working Hardogs. The genetics & pedigree of each breeding plays a large role in what our working dogs will be used for. We work on a good dog foundation.


We care & train, communicating, building a Hardog for the real world exposing our dogs to every possible scenario so that our dogs can deal with it & move on.


Train Hard,   Play Hard,    Work Hard,     Bite Hard,      Hardog Kennels Malinois 

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